Red River Cantina will donate 15% of each sale  (up to $500) to your non-profit organization. Custom marketing material will be provided to promote your organization. marketing flyers may be presented and/or mentioned to a team member on the day of the event while dining in or ordering out. Spirit Days sales will apply to dine-in, take out, or catering! Donation check will arrive within two weeks after the event. Excludes tax, gift card & DoorDash sales. 


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 Flyers are NOT ALLOWED to be distributed inside the restaurant, in the parking lot or in the vicinity of the restaurant prior to, nor on the day of your event.

 The organization will be awarded up to 15% of the sales from your group, maximum $500.

 Red River Cantina reserves the right to cancel a Spirit Day Event for any reason and/or withhold payment of donation funds if guidelines are not followed.